Design Systems

For Private And Public Buildings;
Fire Fighting
Smoke Control and Positive Pressurizing
Sanitary and Plumbing
Rain Water Drainage and Recovery
Landscape Irrigation
Pool Filtration, Water Parks and Sauna
Grey Water Recovery
Heat Recovery
Central Vacuum Cleaning and Waste Management
For Industrial Facilities;
High Temperature Water Heating
Hot Water Heating
Process or Domestic Cold and Hot Water
High Temperature Oil
Compressed Air
NH3, CO2, Freon Cooling
Heat Recovery
Water Recovery
Ice Storage
Cogeneration or Trigeneration
Designing of Some Process Lines
Process Drainage Lines
Process Exhaust
Process Areas HVAC and Plumbing Systems According to GMP Regulations
Infrastructure, Road, Treatment and Environment Systems are Prepared by Proses Engineering and Coordinated by Dinamik Proje Engineering;
Urban Waste Water , Rain  and Water Supply Network
River Rehabilitation Project
Dam Engineering
Road and Bridge  Project
Underpass Projects
Tunnel Projects
Natinolization and Engineering Services
Domestic and Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants
Domestic and Industrial Waste Water
Drinking Water Treatment Water
Industrial Water Cooling System
Solid Waste Control
Environmental Impact Assesment
Waste Water Equipment  and Installation of Production