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Dinamik Proje,

Provides project and consultancy service in the facilities indicated in the design services section of our web site and on the subjects regarding Building Mechanical Installation.
It has taken place in important projects, only some of which we have listed in the Projects section of our website, and it continues to do so both in Turkey and in the countries we have indicated in the Company profile section of our website.

We have conducted works with reputable architecture and mechanical consulting groups regarding their productions, and these works are going on.Besides, we are one of the most important engineering groups that is very successful in and out of Turkey and which supports Turkish contracting companies. In parallel to our developments in our technological sub-investments, our support to contracting companies increasingly continues. We would like to share some of the main reasons of our achievements with you.

All of the founders and employees of Dinamik Proje, without exception, worked under the umbrella of Dinamik Proje, or together under the umbrella of their previous company, Gurdal Muhendislik, which is one of the main reasons for Dinamik Proje to exist, after having completed their education or military service.

This cooperation has been continuing without interruption for 32 years.
We succeeded in retiring some of our friends in this association and we are so much proud of it.
However, our association with them still continues and they maintain their efforts to transfer the experiences that they had obtained in years to our younger friends with a huge endeavour.
More than half of our employees have an experience of working together between 10 and 25 years.
This is both one of the sources of pride of our company and one of the vital reasons behind our achievements.
One of the most important sources of Dinamik Proje is its solid endeavour in following the latest technologies around the world.

For example;
We are one of the first users of the Autodesk MEP and REVIT program, except USA and United Kingdom, that enables three dimensional design, maybe we are the first.
When the program could not achieve the stage to provide mass education, meaning that when it was on trial, the intense demand from Dinamik Proje was supported by Autodesk and the wale was made. In every means we experience the results contributed to our project by this support. We express our gratitude towards Autodesk for this great support they provided to us.
In summary, whatever endeavour the most developed project groups around the world are exerting, Dinamik Proje maintains the same endeavour in parallel.
We would like to end the introduction of our company with a humour.

The logo of the Dinamik Proje is not a copy of BMW, which we admire and is one of the technological wonders if its own industry, and besides, its filling directions are different.
Filled part on the left bottom represents the letter d, filled part on right above represent the letter p. in other words Dinamik Proje.
Moreover, this figure con be used for grade indication in construction industry or as hydrant indication in mechanical installation, which means that it is also a symbol that reminds of our industry.

Best Regards.

Foundation Date: 07 / 01 / 1998